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Cell no. : +91 98190 94950

+91 8898 311324

E – mail : mukeshbadekar @

6 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. Please I’am looking the demerit point table for denim fabric, that use to be the Levi’s norm for denim manufacturers, if yoy coul send me please, I will be very gratefull

    1. It is very nice to hearing fro you. I am not sheller. I work in PVTEX company. My company produces staple fiber, POY, DTY from PTA and EG.I want study more about textile. Thank you very much.I hope in another day I can contact and meet you in India When I have a chance.
      Best wishes,
      Quynh Trang
      (Lab physical engineer )

  2. Hello,
    Thank you for this very educational info. I have a question though as a Quality person working in the garments industry in Bangladesh with head office in Belgium. What could be the reason why the denim fabric (raw and unwashed) easily tears and rips apart only in the middle part of the roll, but both sides are intact? Is it due to old stock or any other reason?
    Appreciate if you could enlighten me on this.

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